FERTISUR contributes to the development of the most important sectors of Peru

FERTISUR from several years contributes positively with the following sectors:

Agricultural: our products are sold as Soluble Fertilizers, Generic Fertilizers and Micronutrients for different crops. In this way we promote the use of modern products as the most efficient fertilizer of the latest technology for the development of the Agro – Export Sector in our country.

This will allow agriculture to be at the forefront of the times and to adopt fertilization techniques according to optimum yields (higher production per hectare) and high quality production (higher export volume).

Miner: our products are used as basic and vital input in the processes of mineral flotation.

Mineral Flotation is a physical – chemical process, in which the mineral adheres to the air bubbles supplied to the flotation cells. The bubbles carry the selected minerals from the bottom of the cells to the surface forming a stabilized foam, in which the valuable particles are separated from the impurities and in turn recovered.

For this, the flotation reagents are classified as modifiers, collectors and foaming agents.

Chemist: we commercialize reagents of high refinement, recognized for being specific and accurate in their content, very conducive to the environment.


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